Artisan Drinks.

Artisan Drinks New Book by Lindy Wildsmith'This is a book for anyone who has looked wistfully at the craft distilleries, breweries and wineries popping up all over Britain and thought, if only I...The writing and design are a model of clarity making the 100 plus recipes accessible and do-able. I defy anyone not to be tempted.'
(House & Garden)

'A perfect antidote to mass-produced convenience drinks, Artisan Drinksputs the soul back into culinary crafts and brings creativity and innovation back into the kitchen'
(Countryside Magazine)

'Whether damson gin or jasmine tea is your poison, this diverting book has them all'
(The Field)

Artisan'This book takes the pleasure of foraging and harvesting local ingredients and shows you how to create delicious things to drink, from cordials to liqueurs, cocktails to wine. It’s a fab read.'
(The Women's Room)

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Artisan Drinks Cookery Book by Lindy Wildsmith

Lindy has worked with photographer Kevin Summers on both Artisan Drinks and Raw and Rare from which these images have been taken.
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